Cheer up Fruit

Fresh fruit is not always great value, its not quite ripe or it doesn’t really taste of anything, try my quick and easy cheer up fruit menu.

Cheer up Fruit
Prepartion & Cooking time 10 min

Any fruit: Pears, Apples, Plums, Peach ….. and so on
10-30g butter enough to cover the whole pan when melted
some sugar
some ground cinnamon


Peal (obligatory) the fruit and cut into rings about ½-1 cm thick. Melt the butter in the heated frying pan. Then add the fruit (try not to overlap it) and sprinkle some white sugar over it (not too much). Turn each piece of fruit over to caramelize the sugar and sprinkle a little cinnamon onto the fruit. Turn once more and let fry for a minute or so.
Serve with cream or ice-cream, even rolled into pancakes.


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