Quick Apple desert (for 2)


1 large sweet eating apple
8 macaroons
2 tbsp chopped mixed nuts
2 tbsp Rumtopf or Kirsch (optional)
1 small jar whipping cream or cream fraîche

  • Remove the core from the apple and cut it into 16 pieces –
    8 length wise and 1 across.
  • Cook in a microwave dish for approx. 50 seconds
    (for 1 apple 90 seconds for 2 or more), do not add any water.
  • Prepare 2 dessert glasses with 3 crushed macaroons in each;
    then add the cooked apples and juice (if any); sprinkled with some chopped nuts/almonds and top the lot with a large macaroon.
  • If you have a jar of Rumtopf add a spoon of juice and a plum
    or just add 1 spoon of kirsch before the last macaroon.
  • Keep refrigerated until needed and serve with whipped cream or crème fraîche (or even just some custard).

2 thoughts on “Quick Apple desert (for 2)

  1. Hi, I tried this, but I only used the appels and some custard and that worked well. Thank, A great saver.

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