I came across this the other day when I was looking up how to make Bircher Muesli, and thought it might be of interest to my readers.

If you want to be fit for your daily work, job or household, you should get used to a rich, relaxed breakfast. that “heats up” the body function.

A good breakfast is varied and solid, not only contains nutritious things like bread. Butter. Egg and jam. but basically, also fresh fruit (or fruit juice) and vegetables (radishes, tomatoes, carrots or the like).

Milk in any form (muesli, drinking milk, quark, cheese) and, if possible, a slice of sausage or ham.

According to nutritional science, one third of the daily amount of food should be consumed with breakfast alone.

Nothing speaks against bringing a warm dish to the table for breakfast in addition to the hot drink – not even the lack of time, because there are enough options to conjure up something warm on the table in a very short time.

But even those who love a conventional breakfast have many options to provide variety. Different types of bread (whole grain or crisp bread), honey instead of jam, tea instead of coffee, cocoa instead of milk, quark instead of eggs these are just a few suggestions.

Bircher Muesli

Serves 2     –      Total Time: 30 Minutes

100g oat flakes
250ml milk
125ml cream or canned milk
2 grated apples
juice of half a lemon
50g sugar
1 tablespoon grated nuts.

  1. Pour hot milk over the oat flakes and leave to soak and cool
    for 15-25 minutes.
  2. Mix grated apples with lemon juice and add sugar.
  3. Mix the soaked oat flakes with the cream and the apple puree.
  4. Sprinkle the muesli with grated nuts and serve immediately.

Variations: Oranges (diced) or bananas (sliced) or use finely chopped dried fruit instead of the apples.
Sweeten with honey instead of sugar.
Whip the cream and sweeten, finally fold in as whipped cream.

For those who prefer firm flakes:

  1. Mix all the ingredients (bar the oat flakes)
  2. Add the oat flakes just before serving.

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