It may seem impossible to consume the recommended five fresh fruit and vegetables a day but when adding some to/in each meal it will soon add up.
For instance: a glass of fresh fruit juice for breakfast; a salad of sort for lunch; an apple or banana as a snack during the day; 1-2 vegetables for dinner and some fruit for afters; and hey presto there you have your 5 a day! Remember that frozen vegetables are just as healthy as fresh ones.
Another tasty way of upping your daily consumption is to make a stir fry, if you like stir fries, remember that light soy sauce is cheaper from Chinese supermarkets and/or from small ethnic grocers and/or from the market and remember it is posible to purchase gluten free soy sauces.
Don’t purchase a pre packed bag of carrots when you only need 1-2, buy them loose, its cheaper and more cost effective in the long run. Don’t purchase prepared fresh salad and/or grated cheese, do it yourself and save at least ½ the cost, the same applies to diced chicken/meat for stir frying cut it yourself and save money.
Buy a lump of cheese and grate it then put it into a freezing bag and freeze what you don’t require today. Ditto for the cut chicken/meat buy chicken breast with the bone in and cut it your self, buy a cheap joint of meat and dice it, split what you don’t require into portions and place these in freezer bags and freeze for later usage (remember to mark what is inside the bags).